Networking - Configuring wpn311 card

grumpshappy - 19.07.2008, 21:09 Uhr
Titel: Configuring wpn311 card
I have a netgear wpn824v2 router and a wpn311 network card. I have atheros drivers installed and card works great except:

1. I have to enter the essid after every boot. How do I configure that to be done automatically at boot?

2.For security mac filtering is turn on but I doubt if that is sufficent. How do I configure WPA-PSK[TKIP] manually in Kanotix?

Kano - 19.07.2008, 21:11 Uhr
Titel: Configuring wpn311 card
Why don't you use network-manager - you only have to click on the network to connect when the pw is stored.
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