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Starting PCTVSat with BH7

Kano (and his helpers) were again industrious and built some new scripts into the BH7-LiveCD. Some things became easier. :1:While I write this article on the laptop, I'm watching the Armstrong Tour "life" on the PC.:1:

So, I begin::

1. Open a terminal.
2. sudo dvb-pctvsat load
3. cp -a /etc/skel/.szap . <- don't leave out the period!
4. szap -r ZDF
5. start a new session in the console
6. xine -g stdin://mpeg2 < /dev/dvb/adapter0?/dvr0?

Possibly it comes here with the 1. Start from xine if you get an error message
Simply confirm, close xine and repeat the command . For total TV benefit it's possible that you have to activate the deinterlace filter, so just type "i" in addition. Sometimes xine is not fluid and does not move any longer, it only helps is you "shoot down" xine with killall -9 xine and give the command again.

That's it.

To see also different transmitters, you should look at the list of transmitter with szap -l . The command szap -r -n 258 helps to better memorize only the transmitter numbers (e.g. for NDR, a TV channel in Germany).

When the television fancy has passed at some point, don't forget to unload with dvb pctvsat unload. That preserves the PCTVSat installed relays.

Thx to Kano
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