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:rot:Home plus Union configured by dot-union file::rot:

Kanotix has taken the linux Live CD to a new level
of utility by integrating a Persistent Home
with a read write Union file system for root.

Keep you personal files and setting in /home/knoppix
on a partition or in a single loop-back file.
Boot with the start-parameter cheat code home=/dev/hda5?/
or for a file, home=/dev/hda5?/my_home-image

Keep and add new applications in an union
directory or a single loop-back file.
To bring the union directory or file together with
the CDROM at boot, create a text file .union in
the /home/knoppix directory. To see this file,
which I call dot-union, click on View and check
show hidden files. Then add a line to point
to the location of your directory or file.
or your union file may also be in /home/knoppix
or unionrw=/home/knoppix
Now the home= cheat code is all that is needed
for persistent home and a union file system.

See Union File System for instructions for
making an empty file and formatting it.

:orange:Example 1:orange::
You have an available partition or a usb stick drive.
It has a linux format file system made with
mkfs.ext2? or mkfs.ext3?, for example /dev/hda5?

Boot the live CD and select your language in the grub
menu and add home=/dev/hda1

K > Editors > Kate > enter one line
Save As > ( you should be in /ramdisk/home/knoppix )
.union > Save

Click on the Home icon > right click > Create New > Folder
UNION > OK ( items are placed in this folder by apt-get )

Boot each time with home=/dev/hda5?

From a shell install new programs from the internet, for expample:

apt-get update
apt-get install kworldclock

K > LOG OUT to shut down ( do not just pull the plug out of the wall )

:orange:Example 2:orange::
You have a fat32? partition ( as for windows 98) or a linux partition
and enough room to addd a large file named knoppix.img.
Be sure you have backed up your system!

K > KANOITX > Configure > Create a persistent home directory
> YES > select a partition > OK > NO > select 500 or more if you have room

K > LOG OUT and reboot with home=scan or home=/dev/hdc1? or
home=/dev/sda1? or the correct partition name.

Follow the last 5 section in Example 1
with a correct home= start-parameter.
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