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:rot:Language Aids - German English Other - Translation Keyboard Localize :rot:

The kanotix community is very friendly and helpful in both German and English.
Of course other languages are supported.
These language aids can be added to the live CD boot.
They may be applied to the hard drive install as well.

1) ding word
The cd has a built in German English dictionary. Open a shell and type
ding or ding word where word can be English or German.

2) !x en de word
In irc the bot can translate with this command. Since the result is posted to
all viewers use this sparingly and only to show others.
You may talk to the bot in private it you know the bot's name, for example
/query Sonya

3) firefox extention DictionarySearch
https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/ enter DictionarySearch in the search box.
Install it as directed. Alternatively, right click on Install Now and save the
file to disk. You can install to the live CD repeatedly:
Open firefox > drag the file on to firefox > close firefox > open firfox >
click tools > extensions > DictionarySearch > Options >
enter for Text:
Leo "$"
enter for Access Key:
enter for URL:
Select a word and Right click and pick Leo. This gives a full German English dictionary.
Of course you may pick other language dictionaries and use a $ for the search word.

4) firefox externtion gTranslate
https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/ enter gTranslate in the search box
Install as shown above.
click tools > extent ions > gTranslate > Options >
Select the language pair you wish.
Select a single word and right click and choose translate. You get a quick one word translation.
Select a phrase and you get a quick translation of the first 12 or so words.
To see a translation of a larger block, left click on the beginning of the translation
and a new tab is created for you to work in. Now you see the two languages to
study. If a translated word is a puzzle, then select it and use Leo to give more choices.
Computer translation can give strange results but these tool are fast and a great learning aid.

5) getsel2text2html2firefox? Clipboard to firefox for translation.
In order to make use of the nice tools in firefox, I import selected text from
other applications like irc into firefox. With firefox and the other application open,
select the text. Run the following script and a tab appears in firefox for you to translate.
Place getsel2text2html2firefox? getsel text2html?.awk in /knoppix/home/.txt2html?/
Make all executable. Make sure the copied files have no extra spaces at the end.
Copy the following into a desktop file.

:orange:Copy to a file on desktop called FireFox_Text.desktop::orange:
[Desktop Entry]

:orange:Make a file and place in /home/knoppix/.txt2html?/getsel2text2html2firefox?:orange:
~/.txt2html?/getsel | ~/.txt2html?/text2html?.awk > /var/tmp/my.html
firefox -remote "openURL(file:///var/tmp/my.html,new-tab)"

:orange:Make a file called getsel /home/knoppix/.txt2html?/getsel:orange:
wm withdraw .
puts "[selection get]"

:orange:Place this file named text2html?.awk in /home/knoppix/.txt2html?/text2html?.awk:orange:
Get this from http://members.tripod.com/vgoenka/unixscripts/text2html.html
Rename it as text2html?.awk and make it executable.

6) German keyboard tips
If you boot up with the German keyboard here a some helpful keys.

    1. zero ....... =
    2. 7 ............. / / ....................... -
  1. ....................... y
  2. ....................... z


7) US keyboard for special characters
One method to make international characters for the US keyboard
is to press a Win-key for a third level chooser.
Paste these two lines in a console and hit enter.

setxkbmap -model pc105? -layout us -variant intl
setxkbmap -option lv3?:win_switch

EuroSign ...... WinKey 5 (in a shell works only for X term unicode)
Pound ............ WinKey shift 4
sharp s .......... WinKey s
umlaut a ....... WinKey q (hint: above a)
umlaut o ....... WinKey p (hint: right of o)
umlaut u ....... WinKey y (hint: left of u)
tilde N n ........ WinKey N n

The double quotes - apostrophe and tilde - grave accent
keys function as dead keys and wait for a second
key stroke to modify a e i o u c
Press the dead key twice to print it's own character.

Right click the flag in the KDE kicker bar for configurations.
A compose key can be assigned to make special characters
by entering two key strokes, but I find the above method preferable.

8) The language cheat codes lang=us lang=de lang=fr lang=es
will boot the CD with KDE set up for the selected language.

Perhaps someone could add language localization help
for specific applications here or in a new wiki page.
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