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Improved Speed for DNS

I've got an incredibly slow 56k modem-connection. If I already download and wish to visit a website, the search for the host takes so long, that it would not be found in time and so i don't get a connection.

Thinking about making my own DNS-server I was reminded of the /etc/hosts.
What's in there is looked up first before a DNS-server is asked for an IP.

So I did this:
I pinged all my favourites (and the debian servers of my /etc/apt/sources.list, also).
So I can see the IP numbers. (for example ping www.google.com)

I copied them all to my /etc/hosts (as su, otherwise it would not be saveable)

It looks like this:
IP Tab (or Space) Domain Domain (without www, in order for it to work without www.)
For example:     www.google.com google.com www.mipooh.net mipooh.net www.kanotix.com kanotix.com www.knopper.net knopper.net 
-> Simply all notations of a domain separated by space(s) or tab (you can use fakes too).

Now if I type one of my favourite websites I am connected immediately. The searching for the host is not necessary for all my listed domains. And if I have new favourites I just add them to /etc/hosts.

And for this, I found a simple way to add new URLs:
// I just ping the website as su, 
$ su - 
# ping www.anysite.dom 
PING (123.456.78.9 anysite.dom 
// stop it by ctrl+c if I see the IP.
// Then I type: 
# echo 123.456.78.9 www.anysite.dom anysite.dom >> /etc/hosts 
// (IP and hostname are fakes here)
// and by linux-magic this is appended as the last line in my /etc/hosts file. 
Good results for very little effort.

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