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What is Kanotix?

  • Kanotix was assembled by Kano?.
  • Kanotix is a Linux distribution, which runs completely from CD (see Live-CD).
    This means an existing operating system (like Windows XP© or Mac OS X©) on your hard drive won't be overwritten or changed
  • Kanotix is based on the development by Klaus Knopper of the Knoppix-CD.
  • Kanotix is a complete Linux operating system with a graphical user interface, which uses Debian as base.
  • Kanotix is able to access almost every device without installing new drivers.
    Perfect for recovering hard disk data, testing hardware, scanning for viruses, ....
  • Kanotix may be installed onto a hard disk in parallel to an already existing operating system (free disk space permitting),
    or as a replacement of an already existing operating system (that's what we prefer ;-))

Why Kanotix and not Knoppix ?

There were different reasons why Kano? decided to develop Kanotix.
Many deficiencies, which were discussed on the old Knoppix-Board,
are fixed in Kanotix and other things like the hdd-installation are improved
Certainly a special ambition ;-) might have driven Kano? to do this.
Now we've got a Live-CD, which is easily able to compete with Knoppix

What does Kanotix include ?

In contrast to the most used operating system, Kanotix includes a variety of different applications and programs which meet the "normal" everyday needs of home and office users

As a little appetizer, here is a selection of them:
  • K3B - mature CD creating program to burn audio- / data- / video-CD's and much more.
    There is no need to avoid a comparison with Nero©
  • Open Office - a complete suite for editing documents, charts, graphics, presentations, etc.
    (reads/writes *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt, and others)
  • KDE - graphical user interface with a variety of special programs and tools, which simplify life
  • Captive - program which brings complete write access to NTFS partitions (experimental)

A complete list of all programs and packages is included in the packet selection sorted by size

What else comes with it?

  • Network (Samba, wlan-cards, Fritz!-Card DSL, ... )
  • Data-Rescue (Qtparted, Partimage, Testdisk, ...)
  • Internet (Webbrowsers, FTP-Client, Apache, ...)
  • Applications (Office-Programs, Editors, Multimedia-Players, ...)
  • ... and a nearly inexhaustible range of different programs and tools ...

What does Kanotix look like?

OSDir has screenshots of Kanotix Bughunter 9A

How hard is it to use?

Linux has the reputation as an operating system that is not so easy to manage. But don't be frustrated if something doesn't work as you want, the first time you try.

There's always someone who will help you.

Use the search function in the Kanotix forums and if you don't find an answer there, in the Kanotix forums.

I don't know anyone who regretted the decision to try Linux.

Different Kanotix versions

Current release is 2005-04, and is available in 32-bit or 64-bit version.
For information: http://kanotix.com/files/kanotix/.
For download: http://kanotix.com/module-Downloads.html.

Have fun with Kanotix!
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