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TheOne - 19.09.2011, 19:47 Uhr
Titel: KDE Plasma Desktop - unlocked or locked
Hello community,

yesterday I started a vote in german forum section about the default Kanotix KDE Plasma desktop setting. The vote is about, should the Kanotix ship KDE Plasma desktop locked or unlocked as default.

First option is: free / unlocked
Second option is: locked

Currently there is no agreement about that. It happens that some users remove their panel from desktop by mistake. We can avoid that if we lock the complete desktop. But that has some disadvantages. First you lost the cashew symbol from panel (yellow symbol right side). Second is that you need to unlock your desktop first if you want to customize anything on your desktop, e.g. add, (re)move, resize desktop widgets.

Please participate and vote for your opinion.

Thanks, TheOne
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