Networking - Can access LAN but not WAN

Tinstaafl - 15.12.2022, 02:40 Uhr
Titel: Can access LAN but not WAN
I got home from work and woke my laptop out of hibernation - and its ability to access the internet was gone. No email, no browsing, not even able to ping a site. I can access my router, the network MFD printer/scanner, ftp into my android phone and tablet - but cannot get anything past the router.

If I boot to bare metal Windows it works fine. Same if I boot Kanotix from a USB drive.

I've tried for months and months to figure it out. I even thought I'd try the Kanotix install-->repair option - but the repair option seems to be missing from the KDE nightly I downloaded a while ago. Or well hidden.

Anyone have any suggestions to fix this?
rueX - 15.12.2022, 22:18 Uhr
Titel: Can access LAN but not WAN
pls show: infobash -v3

old-distros here: http://iso.kanotix.com/
newer here: http://nightly.kanotix.acritox.com/latest/

or a possibility in german: http://www.kanotix.de/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-28101.html

or try: as root: sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf
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