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KANOTIX-Slowfire ISO 2024 verfasst von : besenmuckel am Donnerstag, 18. April 2024, 01:02 Uhr
Release Notes Hello Kanoten...

for Easter 2024 there were new Kanotix Slowfire Isos based on Debian 12 (Bookworm)
All versions are available for 32 and 64 bit and can also be found in the Downloads Section.


* Kernel 6.6.13-1~bpo12+1
* Libre Office in the 64 bit versions)


* compiz(all iso with LXDE, start without compiz with cheatcode nocompiz)
* acritoxinstaller(recommended!)
* git(default)


* wayland(only in the 64 bit versions KDE since April 07, 2024, X11 default)
* calamares installer
* refind(all versions with 64 bit)

amd64 Iso ship with acritoxinstaller(recommended) and calamares installer(for testing) refind is preinstalled using grub in acritoxinstaller is recommended. you can enable refind later in installation with # refind-install

All in all you can choose between these ISO images:

kanotix64-slowfire-nightly-KDE 64 bit - ISO (2,7GB) | md5

kanotix64-slowfire-nightly-LXDE 64 bit - ISO (2,3GB) | md5

kanotix32-slowfire-nightly-eeepc4G 32 bit - ISO (876MB) | md5

kanotix32-slowfire-nightly-KDE 32 bit - ISO (2,2GB) | md5

kanotix32-slowfire-nightly-LXDE 32 bit - ISO (1,7GB) | md5

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